Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Summer days...

Yesterday I was sheltered from the summer heat for half the day because I was at work; however I came home right smack dab in the middle of the day when it was at it's hottest. So what does one do when she is hot and no longer has central air? Pack up a couple of ice cold water bottles; and head on down to seek some natural cool air by the creek?!

The water drastically went down, but it's ok... it was just enough to cool off and hide from the Sun.

I chose to play hide and seek today with Mr. Sun; I hid under this gigantic tree. I don't think he found me; until I accidentally stepped out into his view.

Happy Monday everyone! Have a fantastic week and try to stay cool and drink plenty of H2O!

Tell me; how do you escape the dog days of Summer?


  1. Ah nature! :) <3 I stay home most of the time when it's hot. We're supposed to go hiking but it's too hot! Haha

  2. I know what you mean haha... I think the only place I'd go on a hot day is anywhere near water, but there HAS to be shade =)

  3. Pretty pics! I love that you live by a creek! I have been dealing with the heat w/ some cool treats...hee hee. *^_^*

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry for such deceit! I don't live by a creek (I wish!) I actually jumped into my car and drove an hour away just to enjoy cooler temps by a creek =D

    mmm... cool treats are a MUST on hot days =D

  5. It was super hot where I lived as well. Yet I still stayed in my room all day. hahaha The creek is super pretty!

  6. That must be so nice to just stay in your room! I would too if my place wasn't such a hot oven on super hot days =D I'm so dreading the triple digit weather we'll have for the next few days =(

    BTW Thank you for stopping by and following =) I am now following you!


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