Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend of Revival

This past week has been a bit of a whirl wind; I felt like it's been one big emotional roller coaster ride all week. I think trying to be strong and stay positive for everyone else, while they were down and out and negative about certain areas in their lives... it somehow crept up on me as well. I let the seed of their fears, doubts, questions, worries, and stress grow in me; and oh how it did grow! I suddenly started feeling the things they felt in myself; to the point where I would lie awake at night filled with anxiety and disappointment, and those things were the first things that crept in my mind the instant I awoke the next morning.

But let me tell you, there is light at the end of the tunnel, because this past weekend I got to go to the Women of Faith Conference with some of my ladies (all 9 of us) and we had a blast with the other thousands of ladies in the arena that night! It was the most spectacular weekend, filled with tears and laughter. Hearing messages that seemed to be graphed up and tailored to fit what I had been battling with all week. I could feel my spirits being lifted once more and my soul start to dance in gladness again. Here's a few pictures I got to snap in between the tears and laughter's.

The view from our seats of the beautiful stage at WOF 2012!

One of the many memorable moments of the night when everyone whipped out their cell phone's to be a City on the Hill!

Another wonderful moment when this Painter created a Master piece right before our eyes!

At the end of the night, WOF had reached their goal of sponsoring many children, and so some of the ladies husbands had to prance around in tutu's and a red umbrella, during worship. I think the men were enjoying it a little too much =)

I went into that arena this past weekend; filled with doubt, frustration, stress, emotional baggage, anger, resentment, hurt, sadness, hopelessness, envy, worries and full of fear and anxiety. I walked out of that arena fulfilled, my cup surplus, filled with hope, full of love, wrapped up in grace and mercy, and I am back to my old self again... oozing with positivity and ready to pass it along once more! The theme was about "Revival" and I must say, I truly felt revived afterwards! 

The icing on the cake, was during dinner with my ladies after the two days of the conference. We were sitting around sharing what was most impactful for us and sharing our struggles and lending each other encouragement and words of comfort in love. The waitress came around and handed us our fortune cookies; as everyone was still chit chatting around the table, I decided to crack open my fortune cookie and just about fainted! Surely this can't be? How? What in the world?! OMGEE?!! I let out a huge gasped that could have been heard miles away, my eyes wide open and mouth about hit the floor. Everyone just stopped talking and immediately asked me what was wrong. I must remind you that I walked into the WOF conference filled with Fear and anxiety of all the "What if's" and the fear of the unknown etc. and when  I saw my fortune cookie and what it said... I just about died or pee'd in my pants =) Here's what I saw people!

My confirmation =)

Oh Hallelujah! This was my confirmation, as if He had to make sure I ended the night knowing that He's got me in the palm of His hands. He is saying to me "Do not worry, I got you! I got you! For whom shall you fear?" Yes, I heard it loud and clear! All the ladies were just in total shock along with me =) My God never ceases to amaze me. He surely has a sense of humor and yes He can deliver message in creative ways i.e in fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant! =D That was my weekend folks; A very memorable one.  

Have a great week everyone! Don't let Monday beat you up too much =)

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